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Situated amidst Thar Desert, Bikaner is a “social heaven and a voyager’s shelter”. Bikaner with its superbness in design, workmanship and culture is loaded up with shading, party and social marvels.

The city will entrance you with the camels walking the delightful sand ridges, its antiquated castles and fortresses.

Appropriately called as one of the three incredible desert realms of Rajasthan, the stunning city brags of old-world appeal, lavish havelis and portrays a satisfying past period of the Rajputs.

Most popular as the “camel nation” for rearing some most popular riding camels, Bikaner additionally ends up lodging one of the main two models of the biplane utilized by the British in World War 1.

Sand Dunes and the Desert Safari are among significant attractions. Bikaner is likewise celebrated for facilitating the worldwide Camel celebration which draws travelers from the world over.

Different attractions here incorporate encountering luxuries, for example, Thandai, Bhujias, looking for the captivating Ivory and Lacquer things or just seeing the monstrous legacy appearing as divider compositions and expressions and artworks in the region.

What is the best an ideal opportunity to visit Bikaner?

The best an ideal opportunity to visit Bikaner is from October to March, which is throughout the Winter season.

Camel celebration happens in January consistently.

The rest of the year is incredibly hot and ought to be dodged. Bikaner observes extraordinary winters and outrageous summers. From March to June, the days are boiling with the temperature ascending to 46 degrees celsius.

Residue storms are basic during this season. The rainstorm shows up during the time of July to September. These months are likewise not as reasonable as the climate gets hot and moist. October to February is the colder time of year season.

The temperature may tumble to 4 degrees. Be that as it may, this is the best an ideal opportunity to visit Bikaner since the climate is lovely.


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