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Ladakh Tourism Guide

The obvious and brilliant place where there is Ladakh is situated in Jammu and Kashmir. However, it is so far eliminated from what one expects of Kashmir, both as far as topography and culture.

A Ladakh visit will show you an altogether different and spectacular world. Ladakh itself is isolated from the Kashmir valley by the Himalayan reach and the thing that matters is monstrous. The stunning scene is practically mystical. Ladakh is known to be the world’s coldest desert.

Here, you will discover ice sheets and sand ridges and freezing winds forming the crude scene.

Without a doubt, you will arise a changed individual after your Ladakh visit. The individuals of Ladakh are neighborly and there’s a feeling of otherworldliness noticeable all around.

You can detect it when you enter Ladakh. The numerous Tibetan religious communities add to this. In any case, the wide breadth of the sky, the land and the mountains cause you to acknowledge how small and immaterial we are in the entire terrific plan of the universe.

The land may be fruitless, however it wakes up with the individuals here whose adoration for their property and basic delights mix the scene with life.


Ladakh is a level in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir and it stretches out from the Himalayan mountains to the Kunlun ranges. The notable mountain ranges here that return 45 million years back.

Ladakh relies immensely upon the Indus River and the greater part of towns like Leh, Shey and Tingmosgang are grouped close to the waterway. In the north, it is limited by the Karakoram range while the Zanskar mountains lie along the south.


Since the Himalayas make a downpour shadow, storm mists can’t carry downpour to Ladakh. Hence, it is a high-elevation desert that relies upon winter snowfall on the mountains for its water. Ladakh is cold and dry consistently.

Summer temperatures are simply over 0 degrees during the day however around evening time they can go as low as – 30. Yet, in winters, the temperature is – 40 degrees practically constantly. It is one of the spots where you will feel brilliant daylight and freezing twists simultaneously.

Encountering most extreme footfall in the colder time of year season (October to January) is obviously viewed as the best and ideal opportunity to visit Ladakh.

In case you’re wanting to visit Ladakh, it’s enthusiastically suggested that you pack a lot of comfortable garments, thermals, woolen socks, and durable protected boots.

The atmosphere can get amazingly bright. Yet, when you venture into the shade, you could be freezing with cold. So it’s in every case best to layer your garments here.


Ladakh is as puzzling as it is wonderful. With its religious communities and its mountains, Ladakh exhibits a lifestyle that numerous individuals living in metropolitan scenes accept that is lost until the end of time. However, the old ways actually thrive in Ladakh, as do its kin.

There are various ethnic gatherings here, with Tibetans, Monpas, Dards and Muslims among them. So there’s a rich variety in the way of life here. From their food to their dressing, the Ladakhis stand apart incredibly.

In the event that you are on a visit during their celebrations, you will be blessed to receive various magnificent traditions and beautiful festivals.

Ladakh Tourism

The travel industry in Leh and Ladakh is an enormous factor in improving the economy and lives of the individuals of this area.

Leh Ladakh the travel industry has developed throughout the long term and now acquires the individuals who need to tour as well as experience lovers who are enthusiastic about exercises like white water waterway boating, paragliding, mountaineering and skiing.

Leh is the most notable city of Ladakh. Encircled by transcending mountain ranges and tranquil lakes, it offers an altogether different the travel industry experience to guests. With its dry and fruitless scene excited by the bright Buddhist cloisters, Leh makes a supernatural travel insight. The nine-storeyed Leh Palace should be remembered for your Ladakh visit.

Nubra Valley is another well known spot for vacationers who are visiting Ladakh. Its nearness to Leh makes it simple to visit. It is otherwise called the Orchard of Ladakh.

Nubra Valley is distant but attracts sightseers who come to see places like the Diskit Monastery, Hunder Monastery, Maitreya Buddha sculpture and obviously, the world popular Khardung La Pass. There are high temp water springs here alon with the Yarab Tso lake which is viewed as sacrosanct.

Pangong Lake is an extraordinary blue lake in the mountains. Late Bollywood motion pictures have made this a notable spot. Sightseers who visit Ladakh crowd to this spot.

The lake is a significant favorable place for a few transient flying creatures. In any case, Pangong is a far off region and the lake freezes during the winters. The magnificence of Pangong Lake is practically strange and should be experienced direct.

Somewhere else of interest during a Ladakh visit is Zanskar Valley, a secluded district popular for its mountains and staggering scene.

This generally unexplored locale in Ladakh has a wonderful atmosphere, excellent perspectives and flashing streams which makes it ideal for a vacation.

Aside from this, you can visit Kargil, Drass, Suru Valley, the captivating Magnetic Hill on the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar parkway.

The renowned Khardung La Pass, with its lovely perspectives on the valley and streets, is viewed as the doorway to the Shyok and Nubr Valleys. It is one of the most noteworthy motorable passes on the planet.

The main two attractions of Ladakh are:

Rohtang La Pass

Ladakh bike trip can never be complete without passing this road called Rohtang Pass. Usually, the army personnel says it is an easy road but only a biker will know how difficult it can get to cruise through this high-altitude road. It is also one of the most scenic roads and can keep shutterbugs very busy throughout the trip. You get the best views of the snow-capped Himalayas from here and is a paradise for adventure motorbiking.

Towards Chenab River

As you come down the Rohtang Pass you will reach a tiny hamlet called Gramphu and if you are traveling to Spiti this is where you split. From here, you can ride to the Gramphu river. This place is well equipped with guesthouses and shacks that serve delicious and wholesome country food.

A deeper look into Ladakh

You can arrange motorcycle tours in India to enjoy the scenic and rugged beauty of Leh and Ladakh. You can become part of a bikers’ community, which will arrange the tours and plan out the routes that you can explore on your bike.

Due to the sudden influx of tourists from all over India and other countries both the cities are well equipped with small restaurants and guest houses to stay. Bikers also have the option of camping during the nights. However, to access several of the high roads or passes, one needs to obtain permission from the army. Nonetheless, it is one of the safest and yet the most adventurous roads for bikers.


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