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Taking a  break and visiting the most chilling and exciting destinations which are in West Bengal can be the best vacation in Summer!!!

Darjeeling which is in the North-East of India providing the best panoramic view to tourists.

Darjeeling is brimming with Cultural Diversity. Beautiful colonial architecture including mansions and churches which touches and glooms the beautiful city. Though, visitors that take a range to walk around the mall and spends time picking local artifacts from numerous curio shops dotting the hill stations.

Most of the Tourists from Indians over  6,00,000 Visits to Darjeeling and over 30,000 International Tourists Visits to Darjeeling Yearly(annually).

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway connects the city to the plains and is still servicing some steam locomotives in India.

Gangtok (Sikkim)is just 4 hours away from the  Darjeeling

It takes mostly 3 hours to reach Darjeeling From Bagdogra airport or from the New Railway Junction New Jalpaiguri (NJP). Only Private Taxis are available at the airport of Bagdogra. You can Find private taxis and  shared taxis at Railway (NJP) and at airport (Bhagdogra).

Numerous of sprawling tea estates that produce the world’s best tea.


Toy Train– An engineering marvel of the 1800’s which could overcome the steep gradient and the curves of the mountains and providing the scenery of railway transportation in the hills.

Kanchenjunga mountain rises to the height of 8,586 meters in the Himalayas called Kanchenjunga Himal delimited in the west of Tamur river, and east by the Teesta River, and to the north by the Lhonak-Chu, and Jonsang-Lu. Mostly the Nepali, Hindi, Bengali, and English are the prevalent languages ​​of Darjeeling. Nepali (you may find  Nepali spoken languages by more than 70% of the population in the Darjeeling, Kars, and Mirik subdivisions) is the predominant language in the hills. 

How You Can  Reach to Darjeeling?

By air – Darjeeling is 87 km from NH 31 from the nearest airport ie Bagdogra Airport, while NH 55 takes you through the 69 km long route. Regular flights connect this small airport to other major cities of the country.

By Rail- Trains from across the country stop at New Jalpaiguri which is only 80 km from Darjeeling. Darjeeling is also connected to New Jalpaiguri by toy train.

By Road– Darjeeling is connected to Siliguri by road. The route through NH 55 is 64 km long and the route via NH 31 is 74 km long. This road trip is very beautiful.


What’s the Best time you should be visiting?

Between March to May – The best time to Visit  During Summer season

Between October to November – The best  time during the winter season

Best Quality of Tea in Darjeeling 

It’s Teatime?

No, Darjeeling was discussed completely without discussing its tea. After all, this is what originally put Darjeeling on the world map. In the course of my many assumptions, I have witnessed the processes of tea production and tasted tea at their outlets in many tea estates and estates of Darjeeling.

Depending on the tea quality of  Darjeeling, may vary  tea can range from Rs. 700 / – for regular black tea, one kg for more than 50,000 / – for white organic tea. I have been fortunate to have also some samples that break world records in tea price during tea auctions.

Nightlife, Bars & Pubs


There are lots of  fun and entertainment in this mesmerizing hill town of darjeeling and it can be continued until the evening if you have the desire to pursue it. Darjeeling hving some pleasurable pubs & bars where many local people and tourists groups in the late evening. 


Elevation: 2,042 m
Area: 10.57 km²
Weather: 19 °C, Wind NW at 5 km/h, 86% Humidity
Population:1.32 lakhs (2011)


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